Survival Method: UCSB biomedical scientist receives $3.5M NIH grant to expand his research on sepsis

It’s the most common cause of death in American hospitals and among the top five killers worldwide, but sepsis remains largely under the radar in…

CNM scientists use plasmonics in developing a new platform to target drugs to cancer

Scientists at the Center for Nanomedicine, in collaboration with researchers at the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute and UCSB, have designed a nanoparticle that has unique…

The Djernaes Telos Foundation has provided a generous donation to the Center for Nanomedicine

The Center for Nanomedicine has received a generous donation from the Djernaes Telos Foundation of Santa Barbara. This gift recognizes Christina A. Djernaes who passed away…

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"How Small is a Nanoparticle?" At the smallest size shown in this demonstration, in the range of nanometers (nm), we can see nanoparticles which are also the size of many viruses. This video was generated by the AlloSphere research group.
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