About CNM

What is Nanomedicine?

Nanomedicine comes from nanotechnology, which is the science of engineering matter at the molecular and atomic scale. How small is that? Nanotechnology is focused on manipulating objects the size of molecules including proteins, roughly one 10,000th the thickness of a human hair.

Our approach to nanomedicine takes nanotechnology further with the application of cutting-edge biomedical research to define the molecular causes of disease. This is needed in order to create medically effective “smart devices” at the nanoscale that can diagnose, treat, and cure disease before it causes symptoms and spreads. To do this, we must also improve the targeted delivery of medicines. Nanomedicine will ultimately increase the quality and length of human life.

Why is Nanomedicine Ground-breaking?

The leap from current medical capabilities to those of nanomedicine will be similar in magnitude to the impact on computer science of the transition from vacuum tubes to silicon chips in the 20th century. In the 21st century, nanomedicine will challenge and change the way medicine approaches disease. Through the discovery of disease origins and the use of new imaging and drug delivery systems, we are entering a revolutionary period of unparalleled advances in biomedical research and the practice of medicine.

Why Now?

Advancements in nanomedicine are happening weekly in the areas of disease diagnosis, imaging and treatment. Building on the relevant nanotechnologies, nanomedicine will revolutionize medicine as we know it – yielding less diffuse delivery of medications, resulting in less stress (side-effects) on the human body and more successful medical outcomes. The time is now to make what was once viewed as hopeful science fiction a demonstrable reality.

Why Not see for Yourself?

Do you live in Santa Barbara or are visiting the area? Please let us know if you are interested in a tour of the Center for Nanomedicine. We would welcome the opportunity to share with you the incredible advances that our researchers are making, and our work to move these advances into the clinic. Please contact us to schedule a visit.

The Center for Nanomedicine is dedicated to finding cures for human disease, improving the quality of life, and creating a legacy for humanity.

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