Post-Doctoral Fellow, Research Technician, and Physician/Scientist Positions Available

Protein Glycosylation in the Origins of Inflammatory Diseases

Academic and staff scientist research positions in the biomedical sciences are available at the University of California, Santa Barbara open to post-doctoral fellows, research technicians, and physician-scientists interested in exploring protein glycosylation in the origins and progression of multiple inflammatory disease states including sepsis, autoimmunity, diabetes, and the inflammatory Bowel Diseases. Positions are able in the laboratories of Drs. Jamey Marth and Michael Mahan. Ideal candidates would have experience in infectious disease research, inflammatory biology, protein biochemistry, molecular genetics, and proteomics. Training will be provided as necessary to include mouse husbandry, flow cytometry, histopathology, metabolic studies, and glycan linkage determination. The project includes mouse models and human patients in collaborations ongoing with local clinicians. Interested candidates should send their CV and contact information of three personal references by email or regular mail to: Katelyn Joyce, 2322 Life Science Building -MCDB 9625, UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9625. E-mail:

UC Santa Barbara is an Equal Opportunity/Staff Affirmative Action Employer that values a diverse workforce