The Djernaes Telos Foundation has Provided a Generous Donation to the Center for Nanomedicine

January 14, 2014

The Center for Nanomedicine has received a generous donation from the Djernaes Telos Foundation of Santa Barbara. This gift recognizes Christina A. Djernaes who passed away December 20, 2012 after a battle with cancer. CNM Co-Founders Erkki Ruoslahti and Jamey Marth met with Christina after her diagnosis and spoke at length on new technologies and treatments involving nanomedicine that may ultimately provide a cure. It is with sadness and disappointment that Drs. Marth and Ruoslahti learned of Christina’s passing in 2012. “The battle to conquer cancer will continue, it is inevitable that we will win.” said Dr. Marth. “The courage, spirit and generosity of people such as Christina guide us and motivate us to work harder and to never give up. Today, as we remember Christina, we extend out best wishes to her family and friends, and express our thanks to the Djernaes Telos Foundation for their support of us in our search for a cure.”