Dr. W. Henry Weinberg has Generously Donated Funds to Support the Center for Nanomedicine

August 05, 2015

W. Henry Weinberg, Ph.D. has made a generous donation of $100,000 to support the research and staff of the Center for Nanomedicine.  Dr. Weinberg was previously on the faculty of UC Santa Barbara prior to becoming Chief Technology Officer of Symyx Technologies Inc., a company that specialized in automation and informatics products.  Following the success of Symyx, Dr. Weinberg has dedicated much of his time and resources to wildlife conservation projects around the world.  “It is my pleasure to support the ongoing important research of Dr. Jamey Marth and his team at the Center for Nanomedicine”, said Dr. Weinberg.  “I understand that this is a critical time for many scientists as they have access to fewer available federal research dollars and less institutional support to advance our understanding and treatment of disease.”  In thanking Dr. Weinberg, Dr. Marth stated, “This generous donation from Dr. Weinberg will enable us to continue our key efforts that include achieving significant breakthroughs in understanding the mysterious molecular origins of diabetes, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory bowel diseases, and the lethal complications of sepsis.  Our research has now identified new therapeutic approaches that are ready for clinical development, based on efforts that could not have been accomplished without our supporters.  We most gratefully thank Dr. Weinberg for his timely and generous support.”