The CNM Thanks the Wille Family Foundation for Another Generous Donation

January 24, 2018

The Wille Family Foundation has made another generous donation to the Center for Nanomedicine, which supports the CNM’s research to discover and prevent the origins of common grievous diseases.


Dr. Jamey Marth, co-founder of the Center for Nanomedicine, thanks the Wille Family Foundation again for its support of the CNM and its mission.   With the steady support of the Wille Family Foundation, researchers have made tremendous scientific breakthroughs this past year most recently in discovering that repeated minor bacterial infections, such as occur by food poisoning, can lead over time to severe inflammatory diseases including colitis while also identifying drugs that can block disease onset.  Philanthropic funding for scientific research is important to maintain world-class scientists and the equipment necessary to make these breakthrough discoveries and ultimately cures for disease.

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