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Brunquell C, Biliran H, Jennings S, Ireland SKale, Chen R, Ruoslahti E.  2012.  TLE1 is an anoikis regulator and is downregulated by Bit1 in breast cancer cells.. Mol Cancer Res. 10(11):1482-95.
King A, Ndifon C, Lui S, Widdows K, Kotamraju VR, Agemy L, Teesalu T, Glazier JD, Cellesi F, Tirelli N et al..  2016.  Tumor-homing peptides as tools for targeted delivery of payloads to the placenta.. Sci Adv. 2(5):e1600349.
Sugahara KN, Braun GB, de Mendoza THurtado, Kotamraju VRamana, French RP, Lowy AM, Teesalu T, Ruoslahti E.  2015.  Tumor-penetrating iRGD peptide inhibits metastasis.. Mol Cancer Ther. 14(1):120-8.
Sharma S, Kotamraju VRamana, Mölder T, Tobi A, Teesalu T, Ruoslahti E.  2017.  Tumor-Penetrating Nanosystem Strongly Suppresses Breast Tumor Growth.. Nano Lett. 17(3):1356-1364.
Sugahara KN, Scodeller P, Braun GB, de Mendoza THurtado, Yamazaki CM, Kluger MD, Kitayama J, Alvarez E, Howell SB, Teesalu T et al..  2015.  A tumor-penetrating peptide enhances circulation-independent targeting of peritoneal carcinomatosis.. J Control Release. 212:59-69.
Teesalu T, Sugahara KN, Ruoslahti E.  2013.  Tumor-penetrating peptides.. Front Oncol. 3:216.
Kolhar P, Anselmo AC, Gupta V, Pant K, Prabhakarpandian B, Ruoslahti E, Mitragotri S.  2013.  Using shape effects to target antibody-coated nanoparticles to lung and brain endothelium.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 110(26):10753-8.
Sharma S, Mann AP, Mölder T, Kotamraju VRamana, Mattrey R, Teesalu T, Ruoslahti E.  2017.  Vascular changes in tumors resistant to a vascular disrupting nanoparticle treatment.. J Control Release. 268:49-56.
Rothman A, Davidson S, Wiencek RG, Evans WN, Restrepo H, Sarukhanov V, Ruoslahti E, Williams R, Mann D.  2013.  Vascular histomolecular analysis by sequential endoarterial biopsy in a shunt model of pulmonary hypertension.. Pulm Circ. 3(1):50-7.
Kinsella JM, Jimenez RE, Karmali PP, Rush AM, V Kotamraju R, Gianneschi NC, Ruoslahti E, Stupack D, Sailor MJ.  2011.  X-ray computed tomography imaging of breast cancer by using targeted peptide-labeled bismuth sulfide nanoparticles.. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 50(51):12308-11.